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Garage door automatic openers are very common in almost every house that owns a garage door. Its convenient, easy and a fast way to open and close your garage. There are many types of openers out on the market, different brands and drives. 

We at Kent, Ohio Garage Doors company provide our technicians the best automatic openers and accessories to along with, that will keep your garage door opening and closing with zero malfunctions. ​Our openers and accessories are guaranteed with original warranty for life.

Kent's Choice Garage Door Service, Openers:

- Broken Chain Links/Broken Belts
- Worn Parts
- Frozen Gears
- Defective Circuit Boards
- Bent Rails
- Rails Out Of Alignment
- Electrical Problems
- Stripped Gears

Cory has been working on garage doors since 2010.

He has trained by our supervisor technician and has been getting better and more experienced since. The two most important things about Cory is that he is always on time and always makes our customers satisfied.

Cory represents our company with dignity and loyalty, he is honest to our customers and brings quality in the repairs he provides. We believe that with our technician handling your garage door repair or any service needed, you will be satisfied and happy with it.

Same day repair, service and maintenance.​

Each and every one of our technicians are able to perform 99% of repairs and services the same day at the same appointment. Satisfaction to our customers is our #1 goal.​

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works every day from 08:00AM - 08:00PM and also accepts after hours emergency calls. If you have any questions, want to schedule an appointment in a time that fits your best, want to give us an idea on how your garage door was serviced or have any insights please give us a call or send us an email using our form above.

Thank you for choosing Kent's Choice Garage Door Service and we appreciate your business.

Getting to know your
garage door.

Our qualified and experienced technicians will explain what kind of door you have and give you tips on how to maintain your garage door for better performance.​​

Knowing the problem and the solution.

Our technicians will explain what is the problem with your garage door and layout all the options and prices before performing anything.​​

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